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The Best in Automated-Recruiting
TurboHR is a powerful automated recruiting solution that allows for faster and better hiring, using far less resources.

TurboHR utilizes Phone, Internet, Text, and Emails to automate:
Pre-interviews, Applications, Assessments, Self-Scheduling, Identification of Tax Credits (WOTC) and more.
TurboHR can work in conjunction with Auto-Scheduler to automate the process of scheduling, confirming and reminding applicants about various career event types.
  • Real-time
  • Complete Automation
  • Consistent 24-hours per day
  • Online, Phone, Text, Email
  • Higher Quality Applicants
  • Faster Hires
TurboHR's technology simplifies the recruiting process.  The service is inexpensive and successful nationwide.
  • Attracts more passive applicants
  • Makes it easier for applicants to get into your hiring process
  • Prescreens to save time for best applicants
  • Automatically notifies management as applicants respond
  • Maximizes return on recruiting dollars
TurboHR integrates Phone, Internet, Text and Real-time Communications to make automated recruiting affordable and effective.
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